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Annie. 29. Female. Chicago. Disorganized. My favorite food is candy. I will probably never die.

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Dear lady gods,

Thank you for bringing lower heel heights back en vogue.

Best regards,
Feet, everywhere

Phobias aren’t rational

Hence why I’m trying not to cry about the pigeons living in my back stairwell that I need to use to get to the laundry room….




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This could be us but you playin’

This could be us but you playin’

Brian asks: What is Refinery 29?

Brian asks: What is Refinery 29?

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night

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I zeroed out my work and gmail inboxes yesterday and I only have three years left on my student loan… Less if I just slightly increase my payments. And I made my six month dentist appointment (-__-).

These are the only small adult victories I have in life right now, so I’ll take them.

Anonymous said: Do you deal with food guilt, like eating too much only to do it over and over again? if so, how do you reset or deal with such negativity?

This is going to be a wholly unsatisfying answer. No. I am incredibly lucky to have a very good relationship with food and diet and I have a good dose of self confidence to not feel so bad on a day when maybe I haven’t made the healthiest choices.

Everything in life is one day at a time. If I ate 10 donuts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (actually hypothetical) I just try to realign my diet the following week. If you’re having trouble with eating too much, over and over, to the point of feeling ill or guilty, you may have a bigger issue to address with a counselor or your doctor. I hate to immediately give you that suggestion, but eating disorders of all types aren’t really something to mess around with. Life is too short to hate yourself and hate the food you need to eat to live.