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Annie. 29. Female. Chicago. Disorganized. My favorite food is candy. I will probably never die.

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Vans out, Sambas in

Vans out, Sambas in

Hope is definitely the most embarrassing emotion.

And with a generally terrible ROI.

I’ll keep running if you come my way

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Look at this $900 gift I got myself.

Look at this $900 gift I got myself.

No ketchup

No ketchup

And a selfie for good measure

And a selfie for good measure

"We want them to know that honor is real, and that men who are honorable are worth infinitely more than those who aren’t, and that being a grown man means knowing you are responsible, even when you’re not…

We want them to be mindful - to be driven by their hearts but not recklessly so. To be men who, when presented with a number of choices, do the one best thing. Men who recognize the grace of luck. Men who express gratitude. Men who are loyal and who trust…

We want them to know that love doesn’t conquer all, but it conquers a lot.

The point is, in the end, we want them to be good.

Useful and good.

To be a little better than they were. 

A little worse than they’ll be.

To watch.

To listen. 

To try…

To learn.

And to pass it all along.”

-Stolen bits, out of context, from Esquire’s “How to Build a Man”